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Ultimate Expedition

Get ready for a wild ride

Take a journey in the greatest expedition vehicle ever made: The UXV-1. Tag Bergman, your pilot and all-around global adventurer, takes you on a thrilling ride as the UXV crawls, swims, and even shrinks to miniature to get an insect-sized perspective on the world.


  • Thrill Ride
  • Simulated Ride Vehicle
  • For guests 100cm and up


  • Entomology
  • Adventure

Experience Benefit

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Collect all 9 Achievement Badges for this Experience

  • Wrapping Weaver

  • Bird Feed

  • Beetle Bus

  • Beetle Racer

  • Darn Darner

  • Bug-Sized

  • Pango Chow

  • Bug Shot

  • Honey Getter