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Tombs of the Ancients

Decode secret Mayan glyphs

Explore mysterious Mayan ruins, spooky traps, and complex codes as you follow in the footsteps of a lost expedition. Resident archeologist, Marisol Coronado, helps you solve clues left behind by the missing exploration team, discover the secrets of the Mayans, and escape the tomb in one piece!


  • Scavenger Hunt Race
  • Ball Pit
  • Guest Competition
  • For guests 100cm and up


  • Cryptolinguistics
  • History

Experience Benefit

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Collect all 9 Achievement Badges for this Experience

  • Scorpion Soother

  • See-Through Walls

  • Ancient Sleuth

  • Bronze Explorer Escapist

  • Silver Explorer Escapist

  • Gold Explorer Escapist

  • Platinum Explorer Escapist

  • Snake Handler

  • Tarantula Tamer