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Terra Studio

Build your own world

Move mountains, create rivers, and control the unstoppable forces of nature at Terra Studios. Geologist Nina Sierra helps you understand how weather, landscape, and life are connected as animals appear in your one-of-a-kind terrain.


  • Augmented Reality Geology Simulation
  • For guests 100cm and up


  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Collaboration

Experience Benefit

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Collect all 15 Achievement Badges for this Experience

  • Circle of Life

  • Arbor Ace

  • Bird Beacon

  • River Wrangler

  • Flatlander

  • Tectonic Shifter

  • Drops in Droves

  • Something's Fishy

  • Fierce Feline

  • Feared Fin

  • Molten Magma Maker

  • Green Grazers

  • Force of Nature

  • Furious Funnel

  • Green Thumb