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Fossil Pit

Dig up the past

Join Academy paleontologist Renata Cartelli as you search for dinosaur bones hidden in the dirt at the Fossil Pit. After you’re done delicately uncovering the fossil fragments and building a dinosaur skeleton, re-animate it and see what these larger-than-life creatures looked like when dinosaurs ruled the earth.


  • Virtual Dinosaur Dig
  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt
  • For guests 100cm and up


  • Paleontology
  • Collaboration

Experience Benefit

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Collect all 14 Achievement Badges for this Experience

  • Paleo Puzzle

  • Re-animtroned

  • Pterosaurs-eyed

  • Heavy Salad Eater

  • Armored Salad Eater

  • The Biggest Flyer

  • Horns and Sheild

  • Quetzalcoatlus Lift Off

  • Fierce, Feathered, Ferocious

  • Massive Movement

  • Animated Armor

  • Back and In-Charge

  • Return of the Horns

  • Delicate Digger